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Holle Junior Muesli with Cornflakes also serves as the ideal breakfast meal when moving on to family food.

Egg free. Lactose-free. Unsweetened.

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Product # 118
Manufacturer HOLLE
Compositions Cotton
Styles Casual
Properties Short Sleeve


Rolled oats** 65 %, whole spelt wheat flour** 20 %, cornflakes** 15 %, thiamin (vitamin B1 (vitaminized according to law).

**Demeter (from biodynamic agriculture).

Countries of origin of the main ingredients:



Very versatile. Quick and easy preparation, no boiling required. Can be prepared as milk porridge using infant formula or whole cream milk. Use water for the preparation of milk-free muesli when starting to wean, or mix with fruits as part of a mixed weaning diet.


Holle Organic Junior Muesli Multigrain with Cornflakes is a tasty mix of carefully selected wholegrain cereals. Adding milk makes the fine flakes soft and easy to chew. The ingredients are of the best Demeter quality and guarantee a unique taste experience.

The whole family will love this tasty muesli for breakfast.


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