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How to Avoid Lumps When Preparing Porridge

For parents who have tried to prepare any of the Holle Porridges (or any other baby porridges) for their baby, sometimes it can get tricky to achieve a smooth porridge consistency. However, a simple change in how you make the porridge can solve the problem - and make your baby happy :) !

So, how can you avoid a lumpy texture? Just simply add the liquid to the bowl first and then stir in the powdered baby porridge. Taking these steps should help you make the perfect and smooth porridge that your baby enjoys so much!

A few other tips when feeding your baby with the Holle Baby Porridge Range:

-Please carefully follow the ingredient measurements on the baby porridge packaging. This will help to ensure that your baby receives the correct amount of ingredients and nutrients appropriate for his/her age and developmental stage.

-Always prepare baby porridges freshly for each feed and do not use leftovers.

As well, be sure to visit our website for other awesome organic baby foods from Holle! 


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