Starting solid foods is a big step for your baby. Eating is a whole new experience – there are new tastes and flavours for your baby to explore and different sensations to get used to. It’s a lot for a little baby to cope with. Start slowly, give your baby and yourself enough time and introduce new meals step by step.


Every Holle Organic Baby Porridge is made using whole grains. Not only is the main body of the grain used, but the entire kernel is used, including the important outer bran layer. This way we can be sure the entire nutritional contents of the grain such as vitamins, minerals and fibre are retained. Only the best grain quality is used to make Holle’s baby cereals. The wholegrain seeds are gently cooked using a special method that unlocks their goodness. This is how Holle produces such fine, readily soluble flakes which are so easy for your baby to digest.


When it comes to food, knowing what you are putting inside your body is important.  Moreover, once your child comes into the picture, his or her health and development becomes the number one priority. Naturally, you look for the best food options out there for your baby.

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